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Zero Libertad is a cinematic live performance, using music and videomapping. It's also a graphic novel available for purchase at shows. Zero is the spirit of the 3rd World, the spirit of rebellion and trauma. Sometimes, she appears as a woman. Zero Libertad was born to a Nicaraguan freedom fighter father, the legendary Commander Zero, and a CIA agent mother. After living in the mountains with her father's guerillas, she flew to Miami to procure more funds from her mother in order to aid her father's rebels. She was murdered in the attempt. Her body was thrown into a river for seven days. Death did not stop her; it only transformed her.
With the help of her ancestor spirits, Zero teamed up with mad musical and electronic whiz Z++ (a Louisiana native and Cajun Zen master),and El Ra (a guitar maniac from Mexico City. )Their sound is influenced by sources as varied as old school Miami bass, PJ Harvey, J Dilla, Saul Williams, Outkast, John Zorn, Pixies, Butthole Surfers, Rage Against the Machine, and Tomahawk. Zero Libertad is seething, intense, beat-driven, and reminds us that even the darkest experiences lead us to light if we are willing to transform.



2404 E. 7th Street, Austin, TX 78729


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